Kress KAC840 Commercial 60V 30A CyberPlug Charger

£699.00 inc VAT

KRESS KAC840 Commercial chargers provide the industry’s fastest charge times! The KRESS KAC840 30A dual port charger can charge the KRESS 60v 4Ah CyberPack in 12 minutes and the KRESS 60v 11Ah CyberPack in only 25mintes!


Kress KAC840 Commercial 60V 30A CyberPlug Charger

  • Dual port AC charger for all KRESS 60V batteries and KRESS 60V CyberPack.
  • Advanced battery management systems optimize the performance and life of the batteries
  • Air cooling fan keeps cooling during charging to maximum battery performance


Technical Specification:

Battery & Charger

Charging current 30 A
Voltage 110-240 V
Battery type Li-Ion
Charging times 1 x 4.0 Ah 12 min
2 x 4.0 Ah 24 min
1 x 11.0 Ah 25 min
2 x 11.0 Ah 50 min

Weight and Dimensions

Weight 11.5 kg