Belrobotics Parcmow Installed at Slimbridge AFC

Dursley Garden Machinery are delighted to have partnered with local Football Club, Slimbridge AFC. We have supplied the club with a Belrobotics Parcmow robotic mower for use during the 2021/22 season, nicknamed ‘Robbie’ by everyone at the club.

Robbie has been working on the pitch at Thornhill Park now for about ten weeks, and the results have been sensational for the playing surface, which had already won National awards from the FA. Working using a series of sensors which are placed on the unit and around the pitch perimeter, Robbie continuously and silently works 24 hours a day cutting the grass and providing perfect mulching for the surface.

A charging unit has been sited just off the pitch, and when Robbie’s battery level reaches a certain low percentage, he directs himself back to the charger, before plugging in, replenishing his energy, and then continuing with his work.

The surface has been universally praised by both visiting players, club officials, as well as Referees and Assistants. One of the officials at the club’s game against Taunton Town called the pitch quality ‘staggering’.

Co-Chairman Barry Gay said ‘We are delighted to work in partnership with Dave and Chris – Dave was involved in our club for many years, as a player and also a groundsman, so he, and now also Chris, have a great knowledge of our club and our playing surface. I’m really pleased with the way that Robbie is helping us maintain and improve the pitch at Thornhill Park. It’s another important step in the progress we are making as a club now we are firmly established at Southern League level.’

Importantly, Swans’ First Team Manager, Lee Driver-Dickerson agrees – he says ‘Robbie does fantastic work on the pitch. He helps us to produce exactly the surface that I need for the football we are trying to play this season – I would recommend this type of equipment 100% to any club looking to achieve the level of pitch quality that we are aiming for here at Thornhill Park.’

Chris Whincup from DGM said ‘We are delighted to be working with Slimbridge AFC in showcasing the Belrobotics Parcmow Robotic Mower. We believe that this will be a mutually beneficial partnership as it is providing the club with a high quality playing surface that suits the style of football the team are trying to play, along with the time that is saved for the groundsman allowing them more time to tend to the many other jobs around the ground. The partnership is helping to show off just what these machines are capable of and what we are able to offer.

We have been extremely impressed with the effect the robot has had on the quality of the grass in the couple of months that it has been working. For the pitch to look as green as it does after the hot, dry weather we have had recently, is a testament to how the “micro mulching” method of cutting is so beneficial to the health of the grass.

With the potential of funding from the FA through the Pitch Improvement program, now is the ideal time for Football clubs to invest for the future.’

Phil Sear, MD of AMS Robotics echoed Chris’ thoughts – ‘We are delighted to see one of our regional dealers, Dursley Garden Machinery, install their first Parcmow. The popularity in the Belrobotics commercial robotic mowers has increased dramatically over the last two years, and we are looking forward to see this continue through the success of our dealers. We are over the moon with the reaction from the ParcMow installation at Slimbridge Football Club and look forward to seeing the quality of the pitch improve over the next few weeks.’

Any clubs interested in viewing the playing surface at Thornhill Park and seeing the Belrobotics Parcmow in action are very welcome to do so. Contact Dave or Chris Whincup at Dursley Garden Machinery on 01453 543847, or by email at info@dursleyfgm.co.uk.

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