Ambrogio L400i Deluxe Robotic Mower

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The Ambrogio L400i Deluxe is a powerful robot with an attractive design typical of Italian products, which can manage gardens up to 20.000 m², even those with multiple separate areas.

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The Ambrogio 400i Deluxe is designed to cover large areas faster than the other robots in the Ambrogio range. The L400i Deluxe features a three blade cutting system and high capacity lithium-ion battery to give wide mowing and long operating times.

Each of the solid stainless steel cutting blades are mounted within independantly floating cutter arms so the blades can follow the contours of the ground.

Featuring the latest 4.0 electronics and ZCS connect modules, the L400’s are fully GPS integrated with smart navigation and tracking.

Sports Pitches. With a super wide cut, the Ambrogio L400i Deluxe needs to spend significantly less time than other models on a pitch to keep it maintained. This allows the pitch to be used for what it was designed for. Regular cutting and mulching keeps the turf in top condition.

Municipal Areas & Private Grounds. With the mowing automated, grounds care staff have more time to tend to other tasks. Sharing all the same safety and tracking features as the other PROline models, these mowers can be left to get on with their job.

Airstrips.  Regular autonomous cutting keeps airstrips maintained so they are always ready to use. The contoured cut means you can see exactly what your wheels are touching down on.

Please contact us for more information and availability.