Honda SSET Lawn Edger Attachment

£157.00 inc VAT

Lawn Edger Attachment for Honda Versatool

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One garden tool to rule them all

With multiple tool attachments, as well as extension options, it’s everything your prized garden could ever need – well almost.

Get a clean-cut lawn while avoiding the back-ache.

Achieving that neat finish to your lawn has never been easier with Honda’s edger attachment. It is able to create a tidy and attractive garden edge around pathways, patios and flowerbeds alike for perfect-looking grass.

The edger also features a blade guard to protect against grass clippings, soil and sand being strewn across the lawn. You’re easily able to adjust the height which means you can tailor the tool just for you – giving your back a rest from crouching down with a garden trowel.

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