Honda HHB36 AXB Cordless Blower

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Honda HHB36 AXB Cordless Leaf Blower. 36V Brushless Motor. Supplied with two nozzles and a battery belt.

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Honda HHB36 AXB

This cordless blower has many fantastic features including being fitted with an EC Brushless Motor and is fully weatherproof. Fully variable speed settings allow you to stay in complete control whilst the nose-down balance and soft grip zone allows for optimum handling.

It comes with both a round nozzle for fast moving bulk leaves or grass and a flat nozzle for those harder to move. To make things even easier, this product comes with a belt which comfortably holds and supports the battery whilst the product is in use.

Operating off our Universal Battery System, you can choose to use our 4,6,or 9Ah battery which can all be charged by our fast 8A charger*

We would recommend the 6Ah or the 9Ah battery* for this product.

*Battery and Charger not included




  • Run time with 4Ah battery: 12 mins
  • Run time with a 6Ah battery: 18 mins
  • Run time with a 9Ah battery: 27 mins

*Indicative figures only. Varies depending on conditions

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