Ambrogio L35 Deluxe Robotic Mower

£2,199.00 £1,799.00 inc VAT

Ambrogio L35 Deluxe, small and compact, involves a high degree of innovation. Fitted brushless motors and advanced cutting systems, the L35 Deluxe can mow and maintain areas up to 1800 m2 in the least time possible.


Ambrogio L35 Deluxe

The Ambrogio L35 Deluxe involves a high degree of innovation. The brushless motors, advanced cutting systems and the brand new flex-grip rubber wheels allow the robot to mow and maintain complex areas up to 1800m2 in the least time possible.

ZCS Connect. Use bluetooth or GSM to connect and interact with the mower anytime and from anywhere in the world. Get updates, track the mower, change working plans and much more, all from your smartphone or tablet. Always have the latest features; get free updates through the app that you can transfer to the mower via bluetooth.

GPS Enhanced Navigation. The satellite navigation system, based on advanced algorithms, allows the robot to recognise the areas just mowed. The robot then creates virtual maps and remembers the working times used for each area, thus ensuring time saving and greater efficiency.