Ambrogio 4.0 B Premium Robot Mower

£2,699.00 £2,299.00 inc VAT

Ambrogio 4.0 B Premium Robotic Mower. With Bluetooth, GPS and GSM connectivity. Capable of mowing and maintaining areas of up to 2200m2.


The Ambrogio 4.0 B model is part of the Ambrogio NextLine range. With an industry leading 6 year warranty, the 4.0 B is built to last. Using the highest quality components, each part of the 4.0 B is carefully engineered for longevity and performance.

Clever deck design innovations give a beautiful contour finishing cut. The cutting deck twists independently of the rear drive unit, allowing the blade to carefully cut to the lawns profile. Strategic holes in the deck mean rain water helps wash out any debris from the cutter deck so the blades can keep operating at full efficiency.

Control your cut height to a more precise level; the cut height can be set to any level. Using a clever slide system, the blade can be moved to any cut height giving you millimetre control over the finish of your lawn.

4.0 is the only line of robot lawnmowers that has up to 6-year warranty.